SCS Family Testimonials

Testimonial from SCS Parent Raven Townsend, dated 4/10/17

My Saraha family started when my daughter became a student at the school in 2015. I can give you countless stories of the affection and care that the staff provides to us. Most of all, I can see the impact of the values and skills that she is learning when dealing with her emotions. She thinks and talks about important aspects of life such as faith and dying. It is amazing. On an academic level, she is reading and writing proficiently and she loves math and seeks out math games on her tablet. Her interests are cultivated at school. She sings lullabies in Chinese and tells me the Tibetan alphabet and even confidently said, “Mom, I’ll teach you.” I recommend Saraha Children’s School for the parents searching for a small, sacred, unsurpassed school experience that plants seeds for a lifetime. We feel at home at Saraha.