June, 2016, Saraha Children’s School Haiku Entries Published in Skipping Stones

Saraha Children’s School students submitted entries to the annual Haiku poetry competition at Skipping Stones national children’s literary magazine, and five of our students’ entries were selected for publication in the July 2016 edition of Skipping Stones. 

CLICK HERE to see the selected poems…


May. 7, 2016, Saraha Children’s School Wins Multiple Awards at UofO Science Fair

This year, surpassing its performance from 2015, SCS received two 1st place awards, for both its grades K-3 & for grades 4-6 projects, and also one honorable mention (for the kindergarten class, which also competed in grades K-3) This year’s projects were, for the higher grades, on the status and effects of invasive species on the forest ecology of Saraha forest, and the prognosis for change following their removal; and on “optimal lego car propulsion” for the kinders…  HERE are some photos from this event…

April 14, 2016, The Buddha and the Prince, an Original Play by Saraha Children’s School

SCS wrote and produced its first play, The Prince and the Buddha,  the historical tale of how the Indian Prince Siddhartha was born, grew up and became Buddha Shakyamuni, which was performed to a full house on April 14.  Video of this play available ONLINE HERE…

May. 9, 2015, Saraha Children’s School Wins 1st Place at UofO Science Fair

scs-uofo-fair-award-80SCS received a first- place finish (among 46 total competitors, 18 in the same category) at the University of Oregon’s annual county-wide Science and Invention fair, for our children’s project on the possibility and methods for sustainable, on-site Wind Energy on the Saraha campus…click HERE to see the certificate, and HERE for some photos from this event…

Apr. 14, 2015, ODE Registration Granted to Saraha Children’s School


Following an application by SCS, and screening of our grade-by-grade curriculum, organization and educational procedures, the Oregon Department of Education has granted SCS status as a registered Private Alternative Education School in the State of Oregonto view this notification, click HERE

Feb. 26, 2015, Eugene Weekly Magazine Cover Story on Saraha Children’s School


Eugene Weekly magazine did a cover story “Dharma in the Classroom” reporting on children’s education at Saraha Children’s School…click HERE for that article…

Sept. 14, 2014, Register Guard Video Article on Saraha Children’s School

RG-Initials-60In addition to its “Budding Buddhists” print article of Sept. 14, the Register Guard also created what amounts to a short but lovely video documentary of Saraha Children’s School, which it published on its website and released separately via Youtube. To watch this video online, click HERE

Sept. 14, 2014, Register Guard Newspaper Article on Saraha Children’s School

RG-Initials-60The Eugene Register Guard newspaper published a beautiful front-page story on Saraha Children’s School “Budding Buddhists” in the Sunday edition of its paper, Sept. 14, 2014.  Click HERE to read this article online.

Sept. 10, 2014, Northwest Dharma News Article on Saraha Children’s School

nw dharma logoThe Northwest Dharma News published an article on the the background and creation of Saraha Children’s School in its Fall 2014 issue. Click HERE to read this article online.

Sept. 4, 2014, Saraha Children’s School Begins Classes

scs-sa-logo-114Saraha Children’s School Grades K-8, which features an integrated curriculum of traditional academics with a child-oriented introduction to Buddhist practice and philosophy, opened on schedule for its inaugural year of classes on Sept. 4, 2014. Saraha founding teacher and President of Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute Lama Sonam Tsering was on hand to welcome the children and present them with their first book, “Lotus Light, vol. 1″ a primer which he authored on Tibetan language and Dharma training that the children will use throughout the year. For more on the School, visit its dedicated website at: For an announcement of these events, click HERE…

Sept. 1, 2014, Eugene Magazine Article on Saraha Children’s School

EM-60In its Fall 2014 Issue, Eugene Magazine published an article “School Daze” (page 59) which featured photos and a description of the newly-opening Saraha Children’s School. You can find this article in the print edition of Eugene Magazine.

Saraha Summer of Work, Work and More Work

2500-volunteers-400Preparing for the Advent of the newly-opening Saraha Children’s School, with classes starting on Sept. 4,  this summer the Institute is maximally busy building, fixing and refurbishing its downstairs/lower level to accommodate the school’s activities. There are a great many projects underway, and much of this is being undertaken by hard-working volunteers.  For more information on this effort, including a list of projects and ways that you can help, or if you would like to join the volunteer effort, please CLICK HERE…

May 27, 2014, Hiring of New Teachers at Saraha Children’s School

jjenny-susan-600-2Saraha Children’s School, which will open in the Fall,  has hired its first teachers, Principal Susan Nakaba and Jennie Goodlett. Both ladies are extremely qualified, certified, professional educators who love children, love teaching and have excellent records of of accomplishment, both in and outside the classroom. Susan in particular has been honored multiple times in the White House and elsewhere with national educational awards. We are honored to have them on board for the coming year. For biographies and other information on Susan and Jennie, CLICK HERE…

March 13, 2014, Saraha Children’s School, Full Academic, Grades K-8, Opening in the Fall of 2014

scs-sa-logo-114Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute, announces the opening of Saraha Children’s School in the Fall of 2014. The school, which will incorporate grades K-8 will reside at the lower level of the Institute, and will feature an integrated curriculum of traditional academic subjects with together with training in specific Buddhist arts, such as meditation and compassionate virtue.  For more information on Saraha Children’s School, visit the school’s dedicated website, Here…