Integrated Curriculum

Saraha Children’s School was created to help children grow up in age and wisdom, to help them become positive, contributing, educated members of this world, and especially to nurture the natural, peaceful, positive spiritual qualities of their young minds.

butterfly-kakha-900The combined image to the left symbolizes both the special subjects of learning as well as the approach to learning that will take place at Saraha Children’s School.

The colorful letters and numbers appearing on the left side of this image manifest spontaneously within the natural designs of butterfly wings. The letters to the right are the first two letters of the Tibetan alphabet.

Education is about growing up, about guiding and realizing the tremendous potential of each child. Though this is of course much more than letters and numbers alone, this image symbolizes education appearing within the radiant, serendipitous beauty that nature reveals, together with the ordered and spiritual approach to learning embodied, through the Tibetan language, in the Buddha Dharma (or path to Enlightenment).

Saraha Children’s School employs an integrated curriculum combining project-based learning in traditional subjects of western education, reading, writing, mathematics and science, with specific training and subjects in traditional Buddhist arts, including compassionate virtue, peaceful confidence, meditation and wisdom.

The goal is to educate young students to prepare them for life, both for their future academic careers and work in the world, and to provide them with a stable, virtuous foundation for life’s inner or spiritual path.

For specific questions about Saraha Children’s School, see our FAQ’s page.  For more information on a spiritual approach to raising children, click HERE