Saraha Children’s School

Welcome!  Saraha Children’s School (SCS),   grades K-5, is a multiple award-winning, state-registered non-profit alternative education private school, employing project-based learning methods and integrating child-oriented Buddhist teachings of mindfulness, kindness and compassionate virtue within a full and rigorous academic curriculum.  (whew)

SCS operates within the charter and on the beautiful, forested grounds of Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Institute in Eugene, Oregon.  Ours is the first ODE-registered Buddhist-oriented children’s school in the State of Oregon, and one of the first such schools in this country.

The 2019-20 academic year is currently under way.   For those interested, there may still be class openings available for certain grades. We are accepting enrollment applications for the 2020-21 academic year. Next year we will be adding a grade and begin teaching grades K-5.  Look through this site to learn more about the background, philosophy, policies, curriculum, calendar and  activities of Saraha Children School, and more about our Students and Teachers.